Lanzarote Airport

27 Dec 2016 09:48

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1473480473162568.jpgEarlier this year, I devoted Three weeks getting around the Canaries. Such a truly extraordinary journey, countless adventure to be enjoyed, countless breathtaking shores to uncover, waking up in unique wonderful resort each day. So superb, yet this takes a large amount of preparation and organisation! It is not all arranged for you. You choose your very own voyage and arrange your own path! Luckily the Canarian archipelago is not that enormous that folks could be lost there easily. My favourite of all was Lanzarote island. It’s a charming little island with stunning inhabitants. It has its personal manner of living as all the other islands have. You are able to leave behind your life if you are here. Lanzarote is really so distinctive distant and lonely to live on. You may have a tremendous holiday there with all the water fun and trips about the island. I wanted to share some things that I learnt en route to support with all the planning and just generally being a traveller. Some are simple, but when you feel like a million miles away from home, you can’t get any hotspot and you’ve got scarcely any money with you, minor tips may feel like lifesavers! In The island the one thing you should have is going to be sun screen to bear the scorching sun. The weather is normally sun-drenched then when it is raining the life goes to a full stop there. Residents go inside seal the door and panes and awaiting the rain to pass.
The island is known as a windy area. You are likely to first see it when your airplane prepares for making a landing. The north of the area is often a little more windy versus the south. If you can’t tolerate the sand inside your shoes and eyes make sure to move nearer to the bottom of the island. Puerto del carmen is a sizzling and sunny destination anytime of the season to enjoy with pubs and restaurants to go out.
Playa blanca is also a charming area for most of the holidaymakers with its stunning scenery and slow paced life. It is the favourite area of the families and people trying to find a bit more slow paced getaway. The island primarily and greatest jazz place the Blue Note is likewise found here which says quite a lot about the folks who visit here too.
Costa Teguise is the most windy of them and wind-surfers like this very much. If you are not right into jazz music or big parties then this really is your resort for being on a getaway. There are hotels, flats, discos and eateries of any kind to pass your time after a troublesome day at the home pool.
If you happen to be more into cafes than walking below the blazing sunshine then you may call for some dough too. Accommodations usually are inexpensive so are the meals as well as the beverages in the discos. Many resorts are offer meals that makes life incredibly easier if you are not down into baking your own meals or seeking restaurants day after day to have a sub-par dish. Keep in mind that a lot of places will not approve bank cards under a certain amount so having cash in The island of lanzarote is truly a life saver.
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Lanzarote Airport is a relatively small international aerodrome with a capacity of handling 6 million passengers per annum.
The Terminal 1 built in 1999 copes with the demand of national and international flights while the revamped Terminal 2 born in the seventies dealing with domestic flights among the islands. You find more on the history of Lanzarote Airport on wikipedia.
Airport transfers are readily available except there is a national or local fiesta is taking place.
Taxis are the easiest and fastest solution to get you anywhere from the airport (check taxi rates here) but there are shuttle services to choose from too.
Public transport buses GUAGUA WAH WAH also easily take you to Puerto Del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Arrecife. Mind that if you go to Costa Teguise you need to change lines in Arrecife's INTERCAMBIADOR. Check out the bus timetable here Most drivers speak English and happily assist you through the journey even if you try to speak Spanish with them.
There are no underground or any other rail services available on the island thus the possibility to reach Arrecife Airport by these means is none. Also, there isn't any known footpath to reach the terminals either.
Plane spotters may take pleasure into a footpath, which runs along the shore from Arrecife to Puerto Del Carmen. It runs right behind the airfield placing passer byes under the roaring planes. The other end of the runaway runs into a HiperDino store on the other side of the motorway but you will notice that anyway if you do shopping there. Mind that the Tower may choose not to use one or the other end according to weather conditions.

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